Watch this video to know the truth of creating and sharing video testimonials.

Why Video? Users prefer videos over text content because putting text based testimonials on their websites can lead to fake news. Consumers want to see more video content from a brand they like. Videos garner 12 times as many shares on social media as text content.
Shareability taps for social coefficient bring in more interested people. How to easily get Video Testimonials? Check Dubb and go to Add Calls-to-Action Section, there you can create a video reply option wherein you can quickly trade a video to send it to someone and have them respond on the spot (

The mobile market is growing rapidly, and videos are among the most widely consumed types of content on mobile devices. Video testimonials by your customers do a great job of persuading people to take action.

What makes video testimonials essential for your brand?
Solving the Trust Problems in the Internet
Video testimonials from your customers make your brand credible and trustworthy.
Customers can explain processes, benefits, and their experience from a different perspective which mostly (if not always) appeal to others.

Techniques for using testimonial videos in marketing.

1. Social Media
In order to show customer video testimonials to your target audience, you should run an ad campaign on your preferred social media network (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). The ad, in this case, should be short and compelling.

2.Creating Specific Landing Page on your Websites for Testimonials
Collection of Video Testimonials that you have acquired overtime this way people can do their own research about the brand.

3. Case Study Pages
Why not convert customer testimonial videos into individual case studies?
-Each testimonial is a full-fledged case study that helped a customer solve a problem.
-answers to all the steps which makes it easier for readers to replicate. Ask the right question. Try to figure out the metrics.

4. Video Email
Prepare your broadcast to your list and share your stories.

5. Sponsoring your Post or doing Video Ad through Social Platforms
Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube to incorporate your branding and make your video actionable.

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