There is no such thing as Perfection. Why? Perfection is an illusion! What are the problems that we are trying to solve? Noise, trust, making connections. Use Dubb to share your best self with video (

Overly corporate videos are a thing in the past!

Why? They are hard to produce. Overly written scripts, overly produced videos, overly manicured subjects, wreak with lack of authenticity which ultimately does not allow people to connect with you.

You Goal should be to:

Provide value in your video
People will never connect to what you’d love to do
Understand what their world looks like and what their problems are and how you can
Send somewhat personalize videos at scale both via email and SMS

Format of Sales Videos

Introduce yourself on a personal level
Present some sort of a problem that you think you can solve to your prospect.
Provide social validation (sharing success stories)
Present a clear call to action (like click the link below to grab a free ebook, to watch a longer video about this topic, or click the button below to book a time on my calendar…)

Do you want to send simple video messages from your screen, phone, or webcam that build trust and allow you to connect with people on a personal level? Signup for a free account to Dubb at