I recently saw a LinkedIn post from Rachel Farnsworth,  this post was the most honest and important video I’ve seen on LinkedIn.

Ours is a world that is cluttered with content from people that yearn for likes and shares–but what we are all truly missing is the human element. Here’s the truth. We are ALL going to die. We are all aging in our own ways and our bodies are deteriorating. Unfortunately, our society is plagued with this idea that we must portray a certain “best self” in the digital world. Yet we all go back to our real lives and deal with the harsh realities of life. We put on a show, we hide the truth and we fake it, all to feel a certain way when someone acknowledges us. I recently heard that the Instagram staff is considering hiding the number of “likes” that posts get. Why? Because social validation (when we are empty inside) hurts us more than it helps. We get a quick hit of dopamine when we’re “seen”, but soon after, a crash until we can scurry another piece of content that achieves the same (if we’re lucky). 

We should all take inspiration from Rachel on the importance of being ourselves, being honest and enjoying every moment of our lives.

Rachel, we need more people like you who can come forward as their true self and express their REAL story.