Watch this video to learn how to generate more leads using video.

Why Videos? it allows us to connect people to feel less distracted, putting versions of yourself in additional format (sending it through video emails, SMS, Facebook ads, or landing pages). Use Dubb for creating videos to connect with people and generate more leads (

Using Videos for Lead Generation
The Waterfall Method, taking longer-form content and repurpose in shorter form content across multiple channels
Sales Overnight and Brand Overtime, much Brand Overnight and Much Bigger sales Overtime
Create content for inbound marketing ( ebooks or blogpost) to attract people.
Adding videos to your landing page can increase your conversion rates.
Using videos in your lead generation process will help you scale better than any channel.

Tip on How to Video for Lead Generation

Figure out a top keyword for your business
Record a video and post it to your youtube or blog
Add some copywriting or paste the captions into the body of your blog.
Promote your video big platforms ( Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) send emails to your audience get real on organic traffic on that landing page
Have google analytics to your blog post
(search engine optimization).

Video Funnel
-first video can linked traffic to a second video ( gated behind the lead form)
providing value first
Short and Long Form of Video
-if you have formed to capture that lead, then you can follow up or create automated workflows

Integrate Videos in your Email Campaigns
Use the email list to promote content such as a free online video course or the replay of a webinar. Your customers are likely to respond to any free educational content on a topic that interests them.
Get into a sequence/ create a content calendar with 100 keywords to put to social channels
Using Video in your email newsletters put a word video on a subject line that receives a much higher open rate, and emails that contain a thumbnail see 200% to 300% more click-through. Add personalization to your subject line

Effective Types of Videos for Generating Leads
Short social media (rich with value)
Putting videos on youtube
Video Podcast
Master class videos
Testimonial Videos
Make your videos actionable
As you start to think about videos that you can use to your business the possibility becomes endless ( screen videos, demos, explainer videos) do what’s natural.

Truly, promoting brands on social platforms using video can build trust and can increase conversion rates. Start making the best entertaining and simple video for generating more leads. Consider signing up for a free account to Dubb at